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Let words create colours for you!

Credit for the quote : Picturequotes

Like Hortense Calisher’s words, let us also collect words to make our minds colourful.

I never get tired of looking at colourful bangles. Bangles are always associated with celebration and festive fervour. Let words bring cheer and excitement to us.

Collect colourful words and hang those in our minds!!


Keep your windows open!

Words always puzzle me, especially when beautifully put together to make you feel connected with your life. A tryst with such quotes always stirs up my memory bringing forth a fond one. May be, an incident, a song or a photograph that is dear to me. Being an avid optimist, I consciously avoid unpleasant quotes not to let out any disagreeble memories. Why vex our minds ?

The Pinterest image about ‘creating new windows’ reminded me of the blue windows I noticed in Bangalore, wide open, inviting us to look through it. It is our choice to create new windows to look through and to select what to see.

This picture of the azure window against the white wall is one of my favourite photographs. The bright pink bougainvillea uplifts my spirits everytime I look at it.

Don't forget to look through your window to capture a beautiful sight!