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Misty Morning

Dew drops and cobwebs add a touch of magical realism to the paddy fields in Anakkara.

A relic from the past

The ‘Athani’ (Porter’s rest) overlooking the paddy fields. The sight of this structure would have been a feast to the eyes , to those who had to walk miles and miles, carrying the heavy loads of grains. A quiet reminder of the struggles and sufferings of yesteryears.


Author: Jyothy

Hi, I am Jyothy. Finally decided to jot down a few lines here and I am sharing it with you. I am neither a writer nor a poet; but a layman who reflects upon life and takes the threshed grains of memory to store it in my mind . Our minds, a Silo wherein we put the seeds of our coloured thoughts -coloured by our experience, imagination, pains and pleasure. I see beauty in nature, I hear heartbeats in books and I feel passion in music. I would love to hear your comments on my musings. Please leave a reply if you like it.

3 thoughts on “Misty Morning”

    1. In a way, a thoughtful society’s idea to lessen their labour. These ‘athanis’ are built in the height of a man so that he could rest his load on these without bending or without an extra hand. In those days, labourers used to carry heavy loads on their heads. So they could stand near this and easily rest their load to take a short break.🙂

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